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It is a fact that a lot of dog owners would want to groom their dogs at their homes. However, if you choose your dog to be groomed professionally, then it can save you time, money, and energy.

Keep in mind that grooming a dog will require a lot of patience and care, especially for a puppy, a fluffy dog, or a dog with behavioral issues. Below, let’s examine what these professional groomers can provide us.

They Can Do Everything

Basically, a professional grooming session will include bathing, brushing, and drying up your dog. At the same time, it also includes clipping or trimming your pet using clipper blades and brushes.

These groomers will usually comb out or brush mats from your dog prior to bathing them. In this way, it will be easier for them to apply shampoo on their dog.

The dog’s ears will be cleaned and checked if there are any indications of infections. Once they have dried up, the dog will be clipped, trimmed, or shaved, depending on what the owner requested.

Trimming is usually done on the bottoms of the feet, at the edge of the ears, or over the eyes. Keep in mind that long nails can be agonizing, that is why it is important that your dog’s nails should be cut to an appropriate length.

You can also ask the groomers to brush your pet’s teeth using toothpaste intended for dogs. Although at home, teeth cleaning should be done daily.

They Can Properly Handle Dogs

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These groomers can handle any type of dog, whether they are aggressive, anxious, old, or just a puppy. They understand that they should be handled gently and positively.

Although, there are some dogs that need to be muzzled while the groomer is taking care of them. If you are suffering from a condition such as arthritis or back pain, then using a professional groomer can prevent you from handling your dog by yourself or having to do too much heavy lifting.

They Have the Proper Tools

Using professional groomers can assure you that they have the proper tools required in making your dog look good, whether it’s rounded scissors, various types of clippers, an adjustable grooming table, etc. They also use gentle shampoos which are ideal for dogs with fleas, skin irritations, or allergies.

Most groomers are also knowledgeable about grooming breed shows, which entails knowledge about the needs of a specific breed and attention to detail. Different brushes must be used for different coats, and groomers have all of these.

When dead hair is removed from your dog, the less likely that you can find it on your rug. If your dog’s nails need to be trimmed, then you should visit the grooming salon.

They Can Handle the Yucky Stuff

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As a dog owner, sometimes you need to shampoo a skunk or muddy dog, clean its anal glands, or remove its ticks and fleas. Although these things are quite unpleasant, these responsibilities come with owning a dog. But there is another alternative. You can let a professional groomer take care of these essential, yet unpleasant tasks.

Professional Grooming Has Several Health Benefits

Aside from making your dog look and smell good as well as minimizing the amount of time you must spend grooming your pet, professional grooming also provides some health benefits:

  • Detangling your dog’s coats can help in preventing them from becoming matted which can be painful to pull on the skin.
  • Bathing your dog regularly can help in preventing skin irritations and wash away dirt.
  • Using the appropriate brushes for certain coat types can help in getting rid of dead and damaged hair, permitting the growth of new, healthy coats.
  • Proper handling while grooming can permit early detection of bumps, lumps, and skin irritations.
  • Carefully brushing your dog’s coat can help in evenly distributing its natural oils and removing dead skin.
  • Trimming your dog’s nails is important since it can prevent the risk of a painful posture, as well as tears and cracks on the nails.

How Often Should You Groom Your Dog?

The number of times that you need to groom your dog will greatly depend on different factors such as the weather condition, how much time your dog spends outside making them dirty, the type and length of their coat, as well as their breed.

Another important factor to consider is the way your dog was groomed. For instance, if you’ve asked for a short puppy cut, then most likely, there is no need for you to visit a professional groomer for several months.

If you don’t feel comfortable or have the time to spend doing some touch-up growing, then you have to visit a grooming salon.

Whether you choose to visit a professional groomer three times a year or every six weeks, it is advisable that you should do some additional grooming at home. Cleaning up the private parts, checking the ears, shampooing, trimming nails, cleaning teeth, de-matting, and brushing the coat can make your furry friend feel more comfortable, healthier, and more pleasant.

If your young dog or puppy has not experienced being professionally groomed, then you should take it gently. You could offer them treats or touch their feet and nails while your dog’s coat is handled and brushed.

If your dog’s coats need to be clipped, then you could run an electric toothbrush around its coat. If you want to bond with your dog, then grooming is the way to do it. In the long run, it can make the process more rewarding and more pleasant.

How to Find a Professional Groomer

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To help you in finding a dog groomer, you can get some recommendations from your veterinarian, local breed clubs, or reliable neighbors and friends who have dogs of their own. You might also want to choose a groomer who is well-experienced in grooming your dog’s breed, senior dogs, puppies, and aggressive or scared dogs.

You can find local dog-grooming shops in your neighborhood. You must make an appointment before visiting their shops. Also, you could check a dog boarding facility, dog daycare, or your veterinarian’s office, and see if they have a dog groomer on site.

Some dog groomers will visit you at your home. These mobile grooming vans have all the equipment and supplies needed for dog grooming. They even have a bathtub.

However, before booking an appointment with a professional groomer, it would be a good idea to ask some important questions about their first aid training for pets, schedule requirements, recommended products and tools, fees, training, and experience in grooming, and whether it is required that your dog will be crated.

When you get there, be sure that your concerns and requests are addressed. Your breeder is also an excellent source for knowing the specific grooming requirements of your dog.


Choosing a professional to groom your dog can save you time, money, and energy. It can also guarantee that your dog will be healthier and will look and feel good. Professional groomers have the essential products, supplies, and tools needed to guarantee that the dog will be taken care of properly and obtain the care they require.

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